Lightroom 6 review

by Natalia Bazilenco
Lightroom 6

Lightroom 6 review

Let’s welcome the long-awaited Adobe Lightroom 6!

The new version was released on April 21. Many users of Lightroom looked forward to that day. Do you want to know more about the improvements and updates? Continue reading! At the end of this review you will find the download button for Lightroom 6.


HDR images made simpler

Now you can make HDR images from a few expositions without Photoshop. Moreover, to create fantasy and nature scenes in Lightroom 6 you can use RAW files/DNG.

Amazing panoramas

Scenery and nature photographers will love this one. It is possible to make incredible panoramic images with a widest angle and most amazing detail. The new Photomerge feature will help you to combine images, including raw, and put together majestic panoramas.

The lightest and darkest pixel

If you use Photoshop, you may be familiar with this tool. Now you can do it with Lightrooom 6 – determine which is the lightest and the darkest pixel. The trick is useful when you want to fix the colours and make them more natural. It is the fastest method to increase contrast and tone range of your photos.

The Pet Eye function

It is like the red-eye removal tool that works on animals’ eyes.

Improved performance

Forget about slow imports and processes. Lightroom 6 is really faster. Lightroom 6 uses compatible graphic processors cutting thus the editing times, especially in the Develop module.

lightroom 6

Face recognition

No need of metadata to find pics of relative people. Select the face, and Lightroom 6 will find other pictures of this person stored on your device.

Fancy slideshows

Create impressive quality video slideshows using images, videos and tunes. Use new professional features – such as scaling and transitions.

Web galleries with improved design

Post your creations in web galleries with interactive, elegant and attractive style. The new gallery design tool is compatible with HTML5 and includes support for different mobile and table PC browsers.

Lightroom 6

New brushes

New gradient and radial filters will help you achieve higher precision while working with your photos. Use the brush to edit the mask, add or exclude any effect of the filter.

Publishing service

The new Lightroom 6 gives you the possibility to create public libraries anyone can browse and comment. Share your own photos, view pics of other people and discuss them. Lightroom 6 is full of other useful features for mobile devices and table PC.

Lightroom for Android

You can run Lightroom 6 on your Android device. All changes are easily synced with PC as well as iPhones and iPads.

Import images to Adobe and Slate

You can import images from Lightroom 6 to Slate or Adobe Voice on iPhone or iPad. Put together photo-stories and animations.

Faster edits

Copy changes made to one photo and apply them to another right on your iPhone or iPad. The processing times are down to a couple of seconds.

Presentation mode

Arrange presentations of your photos on iPhone or iPad without running the risk of accidentally damaging them.

Improved search function

The search of segmented photos on iPhone or iPad is faster and easier.

Advanced cropping tool

Using this function you can easily align, correct and automatically straighten objects in you pics on iPhone or iPad.

Other features include flexible print jobs’ settings, advanced systematization functions, better integration with Adobe Photoshop CS5, several screens mode, new local settings for brush filters, enhanced architecture.

Download Lightroom 6

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