Tripod for camera

by Natalia Bazilenco

Tripod for camera

Tripod for camera – do we need one?

You have a bag or a case in which you carry your camera around. It means that you are a serious photographer who takes a good care of his equipment.

Buying a tripod for camera is an important step forward. Every professional has several of them for different purposes. Amateurs with a passion for photography buy the useful accessory, too. Why is it so essential to have a tripod for camera?

It is sunny outside and there is enough light. We can take pictures without fear that an occasional jerk of the arm will blur the outcome. When we shoot at nighttime, we use long exposures – lasting from several seconds. For some photos exposures may last up to half an hour. When taking a shot with long exposure without placing the camera on the stand, chances are high the resulting image will be of low-quality, because it is difficult to hold the camera still. Hands get tired and start shaking (you get tremor-affected photos). Holding the camera is even more difficult when you have accessories overweighting it.

Camera stands are practical not only for shooting night scenes. They have many daytime usages. A stand will be handy when you want to take a picture of sea, water, for macro shots or when the focus point is very small. Do not forget that a camera stand will allow you take a group photo with yourself. Fix the camera, put the timer on and go quickly back to join the people posing. Smile… There you are, with a photo memory of you right next to your dear and near.

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