Photo Mechanic 6 is coming

by Natalia Bazilenco

Photo Mechanic 6

The photo cataloging program will be even faster and more efficient.

A new and more intuitive interface, as well as increased efficiency and stability – these are just some of the improvements that we are to receive in the upcoming Photo Mechanic 6. The premiere of the program on March 25.

Photo Mechanic 6Perhaps not everyone of you heard about Photo Mechanic, but the program is highly valued by photojournalists, wedding photographers, sports photographers and even event photographers – that is, all those who perform and work with huge series and photo collections. For many, Photo Mechanic is considered the perfect solution for viewing, selecting, rating, tagging cataloging and exporting selected photos. It is therefore a more practical alternative to Lightroom, and more specifically to its Library panel (photo libraries).

Unfortunately, the last version of Photo Mechanic was presented in 2012 and the manufacturer has not released any updates since then. However, everything is about to change this coming Monday, March 25. Camera Bits will provide the latest version of the program, which will introduce a series of anticipated possibilities.

Speed ​​and convenience

For now, the company does not reveal too many details. We only know that the new version of Photo Mechanic 6 will be developed in the 64-bit version and in the future will be supported by subsequent updates. In addition, users should experience a significant improvement in performance – browsing, selection, cataloging and export are to take place much faster than in the case of the previous version of the program. We also get a completely new and developed from scratch interface, which is to be even more intuitive and transparent.

– When the camcorder is put away, the process of processing the material is started. The most productive photographers in the world use the advanced features of Photo Mechanic to make managing photos faster and easier without having to wait – producer says

Price and availability

Photo Mechanic 6 will be presented as soon as next Monday, March 25. New users who previously had no contact with the program will be able to buy it for $ 139. The upgrade of the previous version of PM to the new version is $ 89. In turn, photographers who bought the program last year will receive an upgrade for free.

Test drive it for yourself, risk-free.

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.8 — 10.14.x

System Requirements: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

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