Minimalist Food Photography

by Natalia Bazilenco

Minimalism in food photography

With a high degree of probability, many of us from time to time come across such a problem: I want to make an interesting, memorable photo, but there are absolutely no suitable accessories. Or you are just limited in time and space, and there is no way to build a composition for a long time. How to be in this case? And here, a genre like minimalism can come to help us.

Minimalism in photography is a style of photography, implying simplicity, conciseness and clarity of composition.

What is typical for this genre of Minimalist food photography?

Minimalism in photography concentrates our attention on one subject (a group of nearby objects). In such a photograph, there is usually one central theme and nothing more. In some works, there is the addition of details, but there are very few of them.

The main object is food, it occupies a small part of the frame, leaving an empty space around itself, as a result, we calmly look at the picture, stopping at the main subject.

To focus on the main thing, use the rule of the golden ratio.

In the picture there should be a minimum of details, arrange a general cleaning – crop your photo (after completing the editing in the Lightroom, you need to export the picture in any of the formats).

Minimalist food photography implies the construction of a composition with color in mind – the optimal solution to use a color range of 2-3 colors. Excellent results are obtained when shooting in black and white.

It is important to select the main object in the frame from the background.

Empty space should also be used wisely, placing objects on the background of a surface with a texture (water, a dilapidated wall …)

The minimalism of food photography is an interesting genre, but quite complex in execution.

A few tips for more successful implementation of your ideas in life.

  • Carefully choose a subject, while it should carry a semantic load and do not necessarily do it for the whole frame.
  • To shift the focus to the main object, use the rule of thirds.
  • Make the color your ally. A large color contrast between the background and the subject of photography is the path to your success.
  • Use the depth of field to separate the subject from the background.
  • Arrange general cleaning in the frame – safely remove all unnecessary.

What is typical for the style of minimalist food photography:

1) lack of decorativeness, little or no props. Props should be muted colors and simple laconic forms;

2) a lot of free space in the picture.

The main plus of minimalism – all the viewer’s attention is focused on food. Food is the absolute main character.

Did you notice that in pictures with lots of details, the food is often lost?

On minimalistic photos there must be a feature. Otherwise it will be boring.

What makes photos in minimalism style interesting?

  1. Lines

Minimalist Food PhotographyThe lines can make the photo very interesting and dynamic. A great trick is to play with the edge of the table.

  1. The play of light and shadow

The ability of the photographer to work with light is especially noticeable in pictures in the style of minimalism.

by Thorsten kleine Holthaus

by Thorsten kleine Holthaus

  1. Ideal food

When there is nothing in the photo except food, all its shortcomings will be noticeable. Therefore, minimalism requires an ideal food.


4. Food as a work of art

Often for a showy meal, minimalism is the only possible style.


  1. Spectacular background

Such a background makes even empty space interesting.

by Kaitlyn du ross Walker

  1. One color range

by Anders Schonnemann


  1. Action

by Kaitlyn du ross Walker

Do you like the minimalist food of photography?

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