Free Lightroom 5 presets from Trey Ratcliff

by Natalia Bazilenco

Free Lightroom 5 presets from Trey Ratcliff

You may ask: what is so special about this set? Well, according to the author himself these presets will just make you happy!

Now you can create really unique-looking photos!

Watch the examples below and you will see that edited pictures acquire awesome expression and singular charm. The presets are suitable for any type of photography: landscape and scenery, portrait, object, etc.

preset-sneg-dlja-laitruma-4 preset-sneg-dlja-laitruma-3 besplatnye-presety-dlja-lajtruma-1 besplatnye-presety-dlja-lajtruma

* Photo by Trey Ratcliff

These Lightroom presets will add some very special effects to your pics. After you’ve run the changes, the default edits can further be adjusted – add corrections of your own, if you will. The edited photo still looks a bit dark? You may tweak the exposure yourself.

Download the free set of presets at the end of this review.

The set comes with an installation instruction and includes 10 Lightroom presets (suitable for Windows and Macosx):

  1. A Beautiful Release
  2. A Marshmallow Happysmell
  3. Carefully Shaven Turk
  4. HDR-in-Lightroom — On Recreational Drugs
  5. Relic
  6. Steampunk Afternoon
  7. Sunday Alone Time
  8. Thank Heaven for Little Girls
  9. The Navigator
  10. Turkish Blast

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