Exotic Images of Underground Wonderlands

by Natalia Bazilenco

Creativity and curiosity go hand-in-hand, but while we search far and wide for inspiration, sometimes the most breathtaking views are right beneath our feet. To prove this point, we explored the depths of our collection, unearthing some of the most stunning images of underground wonderlands from around the world.

Lake Huron in Michigan

Image by oceanfishing

These ice caves are the result of cold temperatures hitting the waves of Lake Huron in Michigan.

Antelope Canyon

Image by Erik Harrison

Antelope Canyon is one of the most photogenic dessert destinations.

The Subway, Zion, Utah

Image by Pierre Leclerc

Emerald pools in the Subway, Zion, Utah

Khao Sok national park, Thailand

Image by View Apart

Natural cave in Khao Sok national park, Thailand

The cavern of light and water

Image by David Redondo

When minerals seep through the cave ceilings, they form picturesque stalactites. These are not to be confused with stalagmites which, in contrast, form upward from cave floors.

Lake Superior’s Grand Island in Munising Michigan

Image by Craig Sterken.

Ice curtains drape from a cavern entrance on Lake Superior’s Grand Island in Munising Michigan

Yap Caverns in Micronesia

Image by Ethan Daniels

The Yap Caverns are a popular dive site in Micronesia made up of underwater tunnels.

Howe Caverns, NY

Image by Donald Mallalieu

Howe Caverns in New York recently announced they will be reopening a section of caves this month that has been closed to the public for more than a century.

Image by Donald Mallalieu

Reed Flute Caves located in Guilin, Guangxi Provine, China

Image by DnDavis

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