Enter for a chance to win $100!

by Natalia Bazilenco
Photo Contest

proposalsforNGOs #developmentinaction Photo Contest

Enter for a chance to win $100!

To celebrate the development of a global community, proposalsforNGOs invites all professional and non-professional photographers worldwide to participate in this photo contest.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the ability to communicate one’s progress and achievements is essential in the world. Photos can display the uniqueness of each and every development project. The theme of the photo contest focuses on the development in action happening around you to support the advancement of photography as a vital tool to reflect the ongoing growth.

All entries need to be submitted by 22 February 2019 (23:59 GMT)


The Top 30 entries chosen by the proposalsforNGOs’ judge panel will be uploaded on our Facebook page @proposalsforngos on 1st March for voting. The 2 (two) images that get the most “likes” and “shares” by 15th March will win $100 each.

What we want to see?

A quality rendition of development projects underway.

Examples, but not limited to, are- an ongoing school construction, kids in school uniform, a meeting with a women’s empowerment team, a group photo of the team, responsible tourism, a factory, a bus full of people etc…, as long as it is related to development.

Think honest photos:

Real picture with real people. Take good note of your picture composition. We are looking for photos depicting situations as they are. Overly edited and experimental photography is therefore excluded.

If you are someone who chanced upon development in action and took a beautiful picture thereof, your photo is what we are looking for. Submission is FREE!

Enter now to free photo contest

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