Meike 35 mm f/1.4


Meike 35 mm f/1.4 S for cameras with APS-C and M43 matrices

Compact, gorgeous design, manual settings with great features-so Meike announced its latest model 35 mm f/1.4. The Lens is now available on sale with fixtures for Sony E, Fuji-film X, Canon EF-M and Micro Four Thirds (4/3).

Mieike does not allow us to forget about ourselves and continues to expand the segment of budget lenses intended for many modern cameras. A Few days ago the manufacturer introduced the model 85 mm f/1.8, which is a lens with fully manual settings for Sony E. This time it offers another lens that should interest both street and documentary enthusiasts Photo-video shooting, and fans of portrait photography.

Small size, great features

The Design was designed specifically for cameras equipped with APS-C and Micro Four Thirds matrices. Thus, the equivalent of the focal length is 52 and 70 mm respectively (after the conversion to the full frame). The Optical system consists of 8 elements distributed in 5 groups. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide information on the number of special lenses. However, we know that the individual glass was coated with a multilayer nano-coating, the task of which is to effectively suppress reflections of light and minimize the occurrence of unwanted bubbles and glare, to increase the contrast and accuracy Color reproduction when working in a high-light environment.

To do this, the lens must be filled with the appropriate clarity and color with high contrast-even when working in difficult conditions. However, the aperture with a nominal relative aperture of f/1.4 must conform to plasticity, which should guarantee smooth blurring and separation of the main object from the background, but mostly at a short distance (minimum distance Focusing is 40 mm).

The presented lens is a completely manual design without an auto focus system (information about the focal length and aperture will not be sent to the camera). However, the design resembles the old lenses of analogue photography. The solid Metal design is durable and the lens body is engraved with the depth of field and focus distance scales (labeled F/1.4, 2, 2.8, 4, 8 and 16) and a clearly accented hand-twist ring with a scale showing the hyperfocal Distance. The Lens has dimensions of 60.5 x 42 mm and weighs 220 g. The manual focus Design and aperture control Ring (aperture) provide precise control of both focus and exposure.

Price and Availability

I did not find this lens On the manufacturer’s website. But you can place a preliminary order on the website of the official B & H dealer for $ 109 and 99 cents per lens.

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