Child photography preset

by Natalia Bazilenco

Child photography preset Be Lighter.

As I promised in the previous post, I share the second most today child photography preset Be Lighter.



These presets I am offering you are a great tool to help you achieve beautiful editing results, but they are only a small piece to the puzzle!


Children’s portrait editing just became easier.

Children’s portrait sessions are challenging enough without the time spent in post processing. From creating the perfect picture with newborn poses to making the lighting just right, everything has to come together in the photo to give parents their most precious memory. The wrong lighting can make skin look dull or a shadow could make the skin look rough and even dirty.


However, with Child photography preset Be Lighter, you’ll be able to achieve smooth and creamy skin in your baby portraits.

As you can see preset works great for photo JPG format. So if you’re shooting in this format, do not worry. With this preset you can make photos better. But it is always better photograph in RAW.

Color correction can take a long time, wasting your time and making your client wait even longer for their newborn portraits. However, this preset with photography editing technics will help you deliver the perfect images of the baby in no time at all.


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