Black white preset Smoke Man

by Natalia Bazilenco

Black white preset Smoke Man for Adobe Lightroom 4-6.

Hello, my friends!

In this article, you will find some best black white preset for lightroom 4-6 to create beautiful b&w images with an ease. Black and white pictures are considered very emotional band touchy than the regular colorful images – b&w effects help many experienced and amateur photographers to create and show off their aesthetic sense of photography.



Black and white photos could convey a great story in a soothing way. this black white presets for lightroom 4-6 are highly tweak-able according to your needs – means you are going to have the complete control over these add-on’s to edit and publish classic style images.

You see how transformed a room in the photo? We like transported in 30 years …


Download preset can be the link at the end of the review.

This preset will give your image a high quality sharp look. They will bring out the little details which you never expected. These presets have been designed to work well with lots of pictures.


You can use the preset settings on a clean picture or image after postprocessing.


Preset with a single click will add to your photos contrast, enhance shadow sharpness. Strengthen shades of red, yellow, blue, aquamarine and green. Strengthen detail.

And this picture is similar to the picture of an old magazine.


Preset settings are unique. Download, install and use on any image. You do not have to ask: Why is preset does not work? . Because of its setting perfectly balanced.

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